Letter from my Babe…


So my babe wrote ME a love letter…. imagine that (the sky must be falling lol)!!!

VERY RARELY… have I experienced consideration from a lover like this… on this level. As a woman I have secretly yearned for it.. craved it.

I give it in abundance…

Shout it from the rooftops…

Let the world know…






There were loves in the past where… I’d been loved and loved well…

J… you love me WELL.

I love you Baby…  and I prayed for you too :-*



God said that we aren’t meant to be alone. He gave Eve to Adam, Jesus to the world, and you to me.

I have not been this happy in awhile, and when I was, it didn’t last very long.

Before you, I was happy. I found joy in life alone. Appreciated myself, strength and weaknesses, But when you came along, my happiness intensified. There became a sense of security, in the person God created me to be.

During the time I was single, I prepared myself for you. I put all my trust in God, that in him I would become a woman of strength, courage, faith, humility, wisdom, grace, mercy, and love.

And your love for me is confirmation that God can take mess and make it beautiful.

God saw the best in me… and you brought it out.

Sincerely in love,