Get over yourself…


(originally posted 4/11/11)

Why do so many women think the one they are with will change into the one they SHOULD be with? Why do they give constant attention, excuses and chances to people who do them dirty, treat them like crap, use, abuse and cheat on them?

Almost every woman has a list of qualities they would like or may even NEED in a partner… YET the people they end up with are NOTHING like this list. I understand thinking you want one thing and then realizing you want something else… but who wakes up suddenly realizing they like getting punched in the face, cheated on, disrespected or ignored?

We spend so much time complaining about the ones we CHOOSE to be with… under some misguided idea that if its worth having its worth working for. First these people ARE NOT worth having and second when its real love doesn’t hurt.

So many of you b*tch and moan about “I just want a girl who is…”

Blah… blah… blah….

The sad reality is most people can’t handle this type of woman. Here is some truth for you:
Any woman that is REAL has responsibilities and obligations. What this means people is there will be occasions when spending time with you…. or stroking your ego will have to take a back burner to: going to work, changing the baby or driving her Mama to the bank.

Any woman that ‘keeps shyt 100’ will eventually say things YOU… will not want to hear. She speaks her mind… you will not agree on EVERYTHING.

Any woman that is honest? AGAIN…. Will eventually say things YOU DO NOT WANT TO HEAR. The truth can hurt. It’s your job to grow a pair and be willing and able to listen.

Any woman that is mature, just IS!!!! She is serious when she needs to be and knows there is a fine line between being classy and over the top. She is always respectful and able to admit when YOU ARE RIGHT, (rare though it may be :-p) She is not INSANE and fully capable of owning her sense of self. She has a life SEPARATE from YOU!!!! The ‘WE’ thing in a relationship is necessary but both parties need to acknowledge the ‘ME’ thing is in equal measure.

Any woman that ‘has her shyt together’ understands the value of having her own. Knows what a ‘bill’ is and actually PAYS them. She respects the fact that YOU have your own, and works with you to build a strong foundation for being TOGETHER.

I think I’m on a bit of a rant… (takes a deep breath). I guess my point is this… The useless women walking this Earth don’t have a hard time reeling you in. They don’t have to work hard to get you to pay attention. They don’t have to do much of anything to get you committed. SMH…

Stop making quality women pay for the mistakes of the useless women YOU picked.
Stop complaining about the abuse you sign up for and allow.
Stop making quality women jump through hoops to prove themselves to you.

Don’t ask for things you are incapable if giving. You want a quality woman? Make sure YOU deserve her first.

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  • LunarMoonTree

    This so on point…. We all need a bit of therapy understanding ourselves to overstand each pther. I love the work Nova..

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