Free Fall…



I’ve had this dream a few times:

I’m flying. Arms open wide, eyes closed, face turned into the breeze. I breath deep of misty air. Open my eyes & look down at my city: the buildings, people,  lights like Vegas… Nighttime in NY. When the rain starts I relize I am holding onto something with my right hand. I look down at my clenched fingers & suddenly my heart starts racing.

A slight tug on my left makes me realize I’m not alone. My fingers are wrapped around someone else’s.  Slowly, suddenly afraid, I turn to look at my companion… and look straight into the face of my grandfather.  He smiles at me in his beautiful toothless way, n with his free hand points to my fisted one then nods. I look down at my hand & stare at it. Just as I start to open my fingers he lets me go… & I start falling.

I’m in free fall for a while, tumbling head over heels with nothing to grab onto. Gravity ceases to exist & I am soaked, hair sticking to my face & cold.  Then I see it… a perfect ring of crystal clear water… hugging the edges of a field. Altogether it looks like one big eye staring up at me. The hard surface of that ground rushing up at me, my vision blurred by the sting of wind, tears & rain. I look at my fisted hand, fingers clenched so tightly they are bloody. It’s been said if you fall in a dream & land, you die in real life.

I know I am dreaming & I don’t care. I am more afraid of the fall itself… than the actual landing. The ground comes at me & I close my eyes braced for impact. Then… nothing. Strong arms wrap around my waist from behind. N suddenly I am not falling anymore. I hold my breath as our feet touch the ground. We are both soaked and trembling. My heartbeat so loud it reminds me of children banging away at  drums. She turns me around & whispers “I’ll always catch you”. As I opened my eyes to look at her face, her lips touch my forehead & in a flash of pure white hot light… I wake up.

I know her, but I never see her face.


– NovaCSA

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