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The Angels met in a quiet corner of Heaven… tensions were high… spirits… low. God was in his Church again… there were no obvious sounds of movement or work to be heard, just silence. The Angels looked down upon Earth and whispered among themselves… hearts heavy… for they knew the Father’s burdens were many. At daylight God set about the task of prayer… answering them, he sat quietly kneeling at the altar of creation, listening to his children, lips moving in silent communion as he toiled away with the burdens of humanity.

A man dressed quickly for an interview… nervous, anxious. As he raced out of the house he sent up a prayer, “Please God, let me get this job. Please God…” and God heard him. He listened to the plea in the man’s heart… the sound of his stresses… these were lean times. A fancy home in foreclosure, two cars in the garage unpaid for, a non-stop stream of letters and phone calls from demanding creditors and no money in the bank. “Please God, let me get this job. Please God…” he prayed as he made his way home… hopeful, optimistic. “Please God…” and God heard him… and said “No.”

Five months after he lost his home, finally finding a job as a laborer to survive… “WHY!?” he railed at Heaven… the pain of his losses overwhelming him. Falling to his knees “WHY!?” He raged at God… the measure of his failures crippling him. “When I needed you, you let me fall.” God kneeled before him, “My Child… your losses are your own doing… there was no love for me in your successes. Do you love me now when you have branded yourself a failure? The truest measure of a man is not in pretty things or in feeling accomplished. The truest measure of a man is the life he chooses to live… being good… faithful… loyal… honest. This is the man I see before me. There was no love for me during your brightest days… tell me… do you love me now in the darkness?” God waited with his arms outstretched… and the man fell into his embrace reborn.

She walked slowly up a dirty street toward the waiting car. It was late… early though for her and the other girls… little girls lost. She sat in the passenger’s seat… prepared for the usual haggle, “I’ll give you 50…” As the car rolled to a stop she scanned their location… a darkened section of the park, one she’d used before. “Fine…” she sighed as they exited the car. When she reached out to him his hand wrapped around her throat, “Not so fast…” and the first blow threw her to the ground. White hot pain hit her when he kicked her side… again… again… and again, she prayed… “Please God, make it stop. Please God…” and God heard her. As she lay on the ground she thought about the life she’d left behind… a mother that was too strict, a father that was too busy, a brother that was too silly, a house that was too quiet and a room that was too… (what?). Tears streaming down her face, she couldn’t recall what her problem had been with that room. All she remembered was a life she walked out on… a life she couldn’t go back to. “Please God… make it stop. Please God…” and God heard her and said “No.”

She watched her little girl race across the playground. Her heart full of determination… yet afraid to pray… afraid to ask a God that had left her in chaos for far too long for guidance. “What do I do? What do I do?” she whispered over and over again… a pained cry echoing throughout the far corners of Heaven, “What do I do now?” God sat beside her, “You know what to do. I’ve been with you every step of the way. Your pain was my pain. Your parents could not protect you from a life of which they knew nothing. They catered to you and wrapped you in love as only parents can, and yet you left them. You had no fear of the unknown.” He watched her daughter laugh bathed in sunlight… “Your fear is my fear. Do you see that little girl? She will know to fear the darkness. She will live a life compassionate to others… and she will not judge simply because… YOU are her mother. You will guide her… in ways your parents could not guide you…” Slowly he took her hand and they sat quietly side by side… and FINALLY she was at peace… “Everything you have sacrificed… every hurt you endured… were lessons necessary to give her a full and honest life in a world filled with predators. You looked into the face of evil… evil looked back and you SURVIVED. A gift… and so…you will protect her… and know in moments when you can’t… I will.”

A young man sat in church surrounded by a congregation he’d known his entire life… family. He bowed his head and yearned for salvation from a life of sin… the life he’d been living. He needed to be born again… to accept God in a way that would banish the lustful thoughts that corrupted him. “Please God; save me from homosexuality… make me straight Lord. Please God…” Every morning he awoke to a life he didn’t ask for. He loved a man in the way he should love a woman. His spirit filled with lustful thoughts… his sheets warm from the evidence of their intimacy… evil. He gave his heart to this man, he gave his body to him… but his life belonged to God. He knew if he prayed hard enough he would find it… salvation. Freedom from the perverted life he couldn’t seem to keep from living. “Please God, save me from homosexuality… make me straight Lord. Please God, make me straight” and God heard him… and said “No.”

“My child…” God sighed… long and deep. The young man refused to look at him, his shame was so great. “Look upon my face …” God commanded. As he lifted his eyes and finally took in the Creator… he was startled to see it was his own face that looked back at him… on fire with Heaven’s light. “I cannot make straight… what should have NEVER… been bent. While the stress of your shame has certainly made you bend… as your Father I am proud to say… you have remained unbroken.  Your love is neither evil nor wrong. You do no harm loving this man. Know now… you are created in MY very own image and I hand crafted him…just for YOU. He is your twin flame, and his face also reflects the face of Creation. Whenever I walk among you… I am pleased. I created no ‘perverts’ I see no ‘homosexuals’ and I make NO mistakes. I see my sons… I see my daughters… and I love you, every… single… one. There was never a need for salvation. It is your ability to give love… and receive love… that saves… ME.”

God returned to Heaven determined… exhausted… and deep in thought. Daylight would come again soon enough… and when it did… he would say… “Yes.”

–          NovaCSA



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