About Me…


For most of her life…she majored in creative writing and minored in journalism. With an inherent respect for beauty and new experiences she brings a sense of adventure to everything she does and her love of the written word has provided her with both an outlet and a resource for expressing herself.


She has her eye on the very specific goal of starting a non-profit organization for the advancement of women. Intending to focus on the Plus Size Community with a special interest in youth services, as well as cancer survivors and women in the armed forces


Blessed with a talent for research and reporting, Nova acts as an Independent Consultant for a number of small businesses. Promoting efficiency and organization are a top priority for her. These skills provide her with an eye for accuracy that allows for no ‘small detail’ to go unnoticed.


Her work with The Art of Curves provides her with a forum to encourage women from diverse backgrounds to find their inner beauty, embrace it and share it with the world.


Modeling for over 7 years, she prefers print to runway. She believes an effective model must master the art of expression. She has an appreciation for appearing ‘soft and pink’ with a ‘no nonsense’ attitude. With the attitude that beauty comes in all forms she strives for an honest and authentic representation of plus size beauty.



“Everyone has a Book of Life… and everyday is a chapter… this is my story”… – Nova CSA