Heaven is quiet… night has fallen. The Angels walk softly in silent preparation. God is going for a walk. He’s donned the many faces of man… dressed in ageless street clothes… he is ready.

Deep in thought he methodically fills his pockets. The Angel’s watch his selections… curious… confident. Simple things were being selected… small items with impact enough to change the world. Tonight… God gives out his gifts.

An expectant hush falls over Heaven as the Angels gather at the gates… ready to see him off… there are souls on Earth he wishes to see…weeks… months… millennia apart. God walks through the veil of time on these visits.

The Angels sway happily as God approaches a sleeping babe. He looks down at him as he rests in his mother’s arms. There is the muffled buzz of a television in the background. Her eyes are closed as she lays next to her child… fitful… her face lined with fatigue. God leans down and kisses the little boy on the forehead before reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a pair of tiny gloves and slowly works them onto the hands of this boy. “These are made from Heaven’s Cloth… MY Gift to you. You will be a Builder… when needed… wear them… and trust that anything crafted by your hand will be strong. Trust in me and there is nothing you cannot build.”  The boy smiles in his slumber his tiny fists clenching and unclenching within the gloves. God smiles and slides the palm of his hand down the mother’s tired brow. Her face now unlined, she sighs as she visibly relaxes into a deep and peaceful slumber. As he walks away the gloves glow brightly then fade away… nestled safely within the sleeping babe’s spirit.

The Angles murmur excitedly as God approaches a young woman sitting on her sofa reading a book. She can’t see him and remains oblivious. God crouches down and rests his hand on the slight bump of her belly and smiles. From within the child kicks expectantly. The mother’s eyes widen in surprise, resting her hands around God’s on her belly. “Baby’s first kick” she exclaims excitedly. God chuckles then presses his ear against her belly… singing a tune. The child stills to listen… enveloped by the sound. “This is Heaven’s Song… MY gift to you. You will be a composer… when needed… listen… and trust that the notes echoed back to you are the soothing notes of creation. Trust in me and there is no music you cannot play.” The babe listens intently then wriggles in pleasure. God smiles and rises. As he walks away Mother and child sway in unison… she immersed in warm glow as she hums a tune that embeds itself into her unborn child’s spirit.

The Angel’s laugh as a toddler slips out of bed to head for her parent’s room and stops short at the sight of God approaching. She looks up… up… up… at him, then smiles… holding out her little arms to him, and God scoops her up with joy. He sits at the foot of her bed as she babbles to him excitedly… telling him about her day. You see they have met before. God had given her the gift of reason on a prior visit. “Heaven’s Logic… to unlock all doors that appear closed to you”.  She jumped up and down as she informed him of her many adventures. God sighs as he places a pair of little glasses over her eyes…”These are made of Heaven’s Glass… MY gift to you. Wear them and no answer will remain unknown to you. You will be a Teacher… when needed look through them… knowledge will lie before you. Trust in me and there is nothing you cannot see.” The little girl looked up at him shyly… “OK.” She answers confidently as her little fingers trace the outline of the glasses on her face. God chuckles as he moves to tuck her back in to bed. “Rest now.” He whispers as he kisses her cheek. She giggles at the scratch of his whiskers then curls on her side… her eyes drifting closed. As God quietly leaves the room… the glasses flash brightly on her face then simmer down into her spirit with a hiss.

The Angels watch fondly as a babe lay in its cradle looking up at God… waving his arms smiling excitedly as God grins picking him up and rubbing his whiskered cheek against his. They eye each other expectantly as God reaches into one of his pockets… he pulls put a long length of rope and wraps it around the baby’s fist… “This is a piece of Heave’s Rope… MY Gift to you. You will be a Finder… when needed send out the end of this rope… and trust that when you pull it back the answer will be there. Trust in me and there is nothing you cannot find.” The babe giggles delightedly as he swings the rope this way and that in his tight little fist. God smiles and lays the boy back down and as he walks away the length of rope glows brightly in the boy’s fist… then fades away… nestled safely within his spirit.

The Angels fall silent as God approaches a young man. He sits at an old fashioned desk… writing furiously in the soft glow of candle light… as he has done thousands of times before. A manuscript… a play… a poem… his is one of the most creative minds of his time. His legacy born of a divine muse. God rests his hand on the young man’s shoulder… and he stiffens. “I am not yet ready” he whispers hoarsely, and God replies “It is finished.” The young man reluctantly lays down his quill and rises to follow God. “You gave me the gift of Word…” he begins and God nods “And there was no story you could not tell.”  God embraces the young man and say, “Walk with me,” and together they walk onward through the veil to pause on a busy street.

An expectant hush falls over Heaven as the Angels wait at the gates… ready for his return… there are souls on Earth that he visits…weeks… months… millennia apart. God walks through the veil of time on these visits.

People move about in fear and confusion and the sounds of sirens pierce the air. The young man frowns at the scene before him… and God approaches the pile of twisted glass and metal that had once been a family car. He looks down at a young woman as paramedics’ frantically work on her still bleeding form… and she looks up at him. Tears run down God’s face as he kneels beside her broken body. “Faith…” she whispers weakly… unheard by those nearest her in the midst of the surrounding chaos. “Yes child, My Faith… My Gift to you. You were steadfast when needed by others. Trusting that everything served a purpose… and having faith for those who had none of their own. You trust in me and now I am here to take you home.”  God takes both of her hands in his and together they rise. As God walks back to the young man she is bathed in pure light. Walking with faith burning in her spirit she joins God and the young man as they pass through the veil.

Deep in thought God pats his now empty pockets. The Angel’s watch him mulling over his selections… satisfied… proud. Simple things were selected… small items with impact enough to change the world. There is Life and where there is life… God gives out his gifts.



– Nova

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